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Contact Lenses for Presbyopia: What Are Your Options?

A senior woman squinting and holding a newspaper at arm's length because of vision challenges caused by presbyopia.

As we age, our vision naturally undergoes many changes that can lead to difficulty seeing the world around us. One of the most common changes is a condition called presbyopia—an age-related gradual loss of vision that can make it difficult to see nearby objects clearly.  Fortunately, there are treatment options available, like the use of […]

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Can You Wear Contacts with Astigmatism?

A pair of glasses and a contact lens case sitting on a piece of with the word astigmatism seen through the eyeglass lenses

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to your prescription glasses when you’re looking to switch things up. But eye conditions like astigmatism can make that difficult. The first step to finding the right contacts is visiting your optometrist for a contact lens exam and fitting.  Astigmatism can prevent you from wearing regular contacts, but the […]

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